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Tech Basics for Preservice Teachers

Teachers use digital tools effectively in their classrooms when they have technical skills, and when they understand how to apply those skills to problems of design in their classrooms. 

This curated, openly accessible collection of resources has been created to support pre-service teachers as they learn to design activities, programs, and learning environments that are accessible, meaningful and engaging.

Acknowledgements and License for Open Access

The development of these resources has been supported by an OER grant from the University of Ottawa Libraries Open Access Fund. You are welcome to use these resources for teaching and learning, but with attribution. As noted below, all resources are Creative Commons 4.0 International Non-Commercial licensed which means you are not allowed to copy or use these resources to make money. 

Suggested citation: Hagerman, M.S. & Karunaweera, A.S. (2022). [Title of work]. University of Ottawa.