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PADLET : Sticky Notes On A Virtual Wall

Padlet is an online space where people can share things — ideas, file attachments, images, comments in reply to another idea. It is an interactive networking space that is sort of like a virtual wall where members can place sticky notes as they contribute to or reply to their peers. Padlet “Basic” allows users to make three Padlets for free. Schools can subscribe to Padlet through a program they call Backpack that offers a more secure, controlled environment. 


To support your emergent technological pedagogical skill set, we have created the following resources:

  1. A summary of the accessibility features and limitations of Padlet, in an infographic
  2. A series of downloadable .pdfs that provide evidence-based practices for using Padlet for a range of teaching purposes
  3. A screencast video of how to use Padlet for Think-Pair-Share activities, with explanations for why this approach is recommended.

1. Padlet: Accessibility Infographic

English-language infographic that includes information about the accessibility features in Padlet.

2. Evidence-Informed Teaching Practices with Padlet

3. Screencast: How to Use Padlet for Think-Pair-Share