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As a new teacher, it is difficult to know how to make informed, balanced choices about tech use in your teaching practice. is designed to provide real talk, and real recommendations for pre-service teachers learning to leverage digital tools in their work. In particular, we emphasize methods that  centralize student voice, student agency, and student empowerment. 

At we’re working to create real tech integration leadership in Ontario schools that is informed by the best evidence we have on what works, and by critical perspectives that replace easy technocentric ideas with nuanced considerations for tech integration that is accessible, equitable, inclusive, and driven by purposeful pedagogies that support student learning. and all resources provided at the site have been created and curated by Dr. Michelle Schira Hagerman, Associate Professor of Educational Technologies at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Education, with the support of graduate students and Faculty colleagues who have program-oriented and/or research interests at the intersections of teacher education, pedagogies and technologies.

Special thanks to:

A. Sajani Karunaweera, graduate student at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Education, who created the tech tip sheets and evidence-informed practice posters for several of the technologies featured in the Tech Toolkits.