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A collection of open-access resources for pre-service teacher candidates who are interested in developing skills and methods for the evidence-informed use of digital technologies in classrooms. 

Image of a computer and an Arduino microprocessor. Image d'un ordinateur portatif et un genre de mini-ordinateur qui s'appelle un Arduino.
Une variété de technologies aparaissent y compris les écouteurs, un stylo, un papier, un ordinateur et un souris. A variety of technologies are included in this image. Headphones, a pen, paper, a computer and a computer mouse.


Acknowledgements and License for Open Access

The development of these resources has been supported by an OER grant from the University of Ottawa Libraries Open Access Fund. You are welcome to use these resources for teaching and learning, but with attribution. As noted below, all resources are Creative Commons 4.0 International Non-Commercial licensed which means you are not allowed to copy or use these resources to make money.